Social dance

Dancing and posture – dance class instead of a doctor
Correct posture – a mandatory attribute of any dance. Learn to keep your posture start from the first days of classes, and only then move on to the development of…

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What is dangerous dancing in unfamiliar terrain?
During my cloudless childhood and radiant youth summer camps were quite popular. Pioneer there, labor camps and recreation, sports and recreation. Probably, there are no people among my generation who…

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Song + dance. What is the history of "the chicken Dance"?
Almost all Soviet children of the 1980s knew this dance. He has long been a constant favorite at the kindergarten matinees and pioneer camps. Abroad, adults did not lag behind…

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What to bring to practice the contemp?

Recently contemp dance is gaining popularity among all age groups of people. It lacks clear criteria, as this technique is an organic Association of a large number of areas. Here you can find elements of classical dance and jazz-modern, as well as well-marked Oriental motifs from tai Chi Quan to yoga. Due to this diversity, the only boundaries that are recognized in the contempo are the physical capabilities of each person.

In order to workout took place with maximum efficiency, you need a special garment such that it will not restrict movement. Shorts, bodysuits, tops, leggings – nothing that could not be found in the wardrobe. Continue reading

Contemp for children

Recently, all become popular contemporary dance, and this applies to all – from small to large. And if you want to instill in your child a love of beautiful movements, allowing him to creatively self-actualize, you can send it to the children’s group contemp-dance. Due to these exercises, children will not only become more flexible and plastic, but also significantly improve their physical shape, and will move more smoothly and gracefully.

One of the advantages of this style is the lack of frames – the only limitation is the individual abilities of the performer. Due to this, everyone can achieve excellent results, even without special skills. Continue reading

Why the Argentine tango is the national dance?

Tango! Who does not know this gentle, romantic and at the same time incendiary and erotic dance. At school in the mid 50-ies we diligently tried to remember his simple movements, listening to the enchanting melody. Then we were recommended, in addition to Russian folk or famous ballroom, dance only waltz and tango, considering everything else bad taste, planted decaying West. The source of Course, the tango that we were learning and trying to reproduce was the most chaste and innocent of all the tango in the world. Then anybody and in a head could not come that you can hug and squeeze around the girl. The classic pose of the male hand on the waist of the partner, it also on the shoulder of the leader, two free hands are joined and extended forward or bent. Continue reading

Where to begin the study of twerking?

Today it is very fashionable to repeat the beautiful movements of popular singers, which is why many of the fair sex take lessons twerking for beginners. This type of dance is very energetic and requires a good physical training. To do this, 2 weeks before the start of training, it is recommended to perform a set of stretching exercises daily.

The style is based on the rotation of the hips in different directions or “eight”, while the technique involves performing movements exclusively hips, also allowed smooth rocking shoulders. Continue reading

The history of jazz-funk dance

One of the youngest and most successful styles in terms of Commerce is jazz-funk. It was born in America only at the beginning of the XXI century, and in this short period of time has become a leading type of dance in the world of show business. The founders of this direction are three choreographers – Bobby Newberry, Brian Friedman and Kevin Mayer, who showed the world how beautifully and harmoniously to mix the basic movements of hip-hop, jazz dance and other styles, using a gentle manner of performance, while adding plasticity and dynamism. Predecessors of this style are waking and waging that emerged among Latin American artists. Continue reading

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