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How to choose a dance style?

Since ancient times, mankind has sought to convey their mood and state of mind in motion, which is why we can safely say that dancing originated with the ability of people to walk. In all ages dance was inextricably linked with human life, was a spectacle, gymnastics, a form of communication and a kind of ritual.

Here are just a few reasons that indicate the benefits of dancing:

Beautiful figure and health – doctors around the world are confident that rhythmic dance exercises are the best loads, allowing not only to have a slim figure, but also to strengthen the heart muscle, get rid of joint pain, strengthen the muscles and vascular walls. People of all ages, from early childhood to old age, can dance.
Correct posture – dancing helps to get rid of back pain, improve the condition of the spine, develop proper posture.
Beautiful gait – another plus in favor of dance classes.
Interesting acquaintances and psychological emancipation – being engaged in a circle of like-minded people, you are sure to find new friends, feel more confident, get rid of many complexes, and possibly find love.
A sense of rhythm and good mood – over time, you will be able to pick up the movement to each music. During the classes you will forget about the problems, and this is the right way to a good mood.
Choosing a style of dance, it is necessary to take into account their own desires and preferences, because only doing what you are interested in can reveal their individuality. Dance classes should be positive and bring joy, so before you sign up for lessons, you need to choose the right direction. To do this, you need to ask yourself the question: “What do I want to get from classes?»:

make new friends;
keep yourself in good shape;
to develop flexibility;
to dance professionally and reach certain heights in this field;
have a beautiful posture, etc.
Next, you need to decide whether you want to dance was a single or a pair.

And the third, no less important question is whether there are contraindications for health to the chosen style.

Answering these questions, choose a style of training will be much easier. In addition, there is a great relationship between human temperament and dance. So, open and mobile cholerics often prefer club dances with extraordinary movements and various rhythmic music. Go-Go, hip-hop, art-n-bi – in these styles they will be able to show all their skills.

Calm and thorough phlegmatic often engaged in Indian and Oriental dance, belly dance and flamenco.

For mobile and bright sanguine ideal Latin dance, so salsa, merengue, Rumba – a great choice for people of this temperament.

Classical ballroom dancing is an ideal choice for sensitive, observant and psychoanalytic melancholics.

In addition to all of the above, it is equally important to choose the right coach, whose personality should greatly impress you. A soft and sensitive person is unlikely to enjoy taking lessons from a hard and demanding coach, and Vice versa, a soft and indulgent coach can discourage dancing from a hard, demanding dancer. That is why often the choice of dance style goes through numerous trials and errors, which should not be a reason to abandon the classes, but only a push to continue the search, which in the end will necessarily succeed.

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