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The atmosphere of paired dances

The world of dance is full of mysteries and mysteries inaccessible to uninitiated people. Starting to dance, not many people think about the disclosure of their feelings through dancing.

Most students want to learn a particular kind of dance, and, in the case of not quickly achieve the desired results, just throws everything halfway. Those who stayed and were able to fulfill his dream go further, learning more and more new directions.

One of the most interesting and complex of them is a pair dance, because it is not just synchronous movements of two people, but a real unity of souls hovering on the wave of one musical motif. Not everyone is given to feel it, watching the action from the outside. Only people of creative professions can truly understand and feel everything that is happening: musicians, singers, writers, and, of course, dancers.

If you remember the history, one of the few permitted types of contact between young people for a long period of time remained just a pair dance. His most popular form was a waltz that allowed him to slowly circle with his partner to the music, leading a casual conversation.

It is he, like other ballroom dancing, is very popular in our days. This demand is due not only to the great lack of communication, but also the desire:

to overcome his stiffness;
learn to trust others;
be open and sociable;
to defeat the natural shyness;
fulfill your cherished dream and learn to dance.
Pair dances – one of the most difficult directions, however well worked couple does not feel any difficulties in the course of dance as thinly feels each other and understands from a half-look that the partner wants. Such duets become multiple winners of prestigious competitions and contests.

“Mainwood” – dance school, whose teachers have made dance the meaning of their lives and for many years helps everyone with ease and inspiration to comprehend this magical world.

Carried out in our school group training paired types of dance significantly accelerates the assimilation of the material, as well as facilitates the memorization of new dance moves by students. After all, all members of the group help each other, reaching a high level of skill. In addition, working in pairs, they begin to understand not only their partner, but also the people around them.

Noteworthy is the fact that classes of different types of social paired dances have a positive impact on the psyche of the dancers, forming a wall that prevents the violation of harmony in their lives.

During group lessons there is a special atmosphere of unity and mutual understanding, contributing to the maximum ease of the learning process and complete psychological looseness. This is what helps the dancers to fully surrender to the pleasure and really enjoy the dance, without being distracted by what is happening around.

Many famous dancers have been trying to achieve this state for years, realizing that this is the right way to win, but only a few manage to achieve it. After all, they, unlike fans who know how to enjoy this process, pay much more attention to the exact technique of performing movements, rather than feelings and emotions.

Our masters will teach you to live the dance and get positive emotions from the spiritual partnership with his partner in the educational process. Come to “Mainwood” and see for yourself!

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