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Dancing and posture – dance class instead of a doctor

Correct posture – a mandatory attribute of any dance.

Learn to keep your posture start from the first days of classes, and only then move on to the development of dance steps.

People who are professionally engaged in dancing, argue that the correct posture – the key to success in dance competitions.

To master the skill to keep your back straight takes a lot of time both in training and in everyday life.

However, in addition to achievements in the dance field, correct posture helps to get rid of many ailments, the main of which – osteochondrosis, circulatory disorders, etc.

The ability to properly hold the back helps the body to be healthy, and movements – free and elegant.

Dance classes, in addition to proper posture help:

to be liberated;
enhance your physical data;
develop a sense of rhythm;
have a beautiful gait;
improve external data;
improve health;
make new friends.
Correction of posture: advice from the coaches?
Correct posture and dancing are closely related, so the more time you spend on dancing, the more beautiful you keep your back, and Vice versa – the better posture, the better you can move to the music. Therefore, to fix posture it is not necessary to walk with books on top or standing against a wall for 15-20 minutes, and move, correctly picking up the dance moves. Dance classes strengthen the muscle frame, do not allow the vertebrae to stagnate, in addition, they can be performed without risk to health. In addition to dancing to improve the condition of the spine help the following simple exercises:

Boat – lying on his stomach, raise up his head and legs.
Kitty-dog – standing on all fours, bend the spine up and down.
Swallow – lying on his stomach, arms apart, legs together. Raise the body with arms apart as high as possible, the legs remain lying on the surface.
What is the best dance for posture?
Classes of any kind of dance contribute to the straightening of posture, as rhythmic movements in one way or another involve the work of the spine. However, there are dances that improve posture more effectively, and the first in this long list is a rhythmic and passionate flamenco dance. No wonder the flamenco dancers have a flexible camp, a beautiful line of shoulders and keep their heads proudly raised. Imagine a Spanish woman who would suffer from scoliosis is very problematic. The second dance that helps the spine to always remain healthy, and the muscles – strong, is tap dance, dance moves which involve in each Department of the spine.

Ballroom dancing is another “enemy” of slouching back, leveling posture in just a few months of regular training. Argentine tango strengthens the muscles of the back, and its twists and slopes have a healing effect on every part of the spine.

Regular classes in jazz-modern and classical choreography give strength to the spinal muscles. A significant influence on the formation of posture and have Oriental dances, which are now so popular among women of all ages.

In addition, each of the above areas has a healing effect on the body as a whole, helps to have a beautiful and slender figure, teaches plasticity, and just improves mood. Do you want to have a healthy spine, beautiful posture, perfect body and good mood? Try dancing, and what – let it tell you your own heart, because someone likes incendiary Spanish flamenco, and someone – romantic and mysterious pas ballroom dancing.

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